'Canine & Family-friendly' Flea & Tick Repellent Products

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Welcome to LymeDefenses!

Welcome ...   

LymeDefenses is a 'family-inspired' / family-run business that had its humble beginnings in 2017. The main drive for product development was to protect our son, a member of the Canadian National Para-Archery Team, and his service dog against the threat of tick-borne diseases without the use of harsh chemicals, especially DEET.  Simple outdoor recreational activities and lifestyle choices we enjoy every day such as gardening, golfing, running, camping, hiking through wooded and grassy areas have now significantly increase our odds of coming into contact with fleas and ticks that can carry incurable diseases such as Lyme and/or Powassan diseases. 

Here at LymeDefenses, we believe that we are all connected through the love of the great outdoors, for staying fit and healthy and reducing the toxic imprint we leave on our environment through the use of harmful chemicals.  It is our goal that LymeDefenses products will allow all of us and our canine companions the freedom to “Play More ... Worry Less!“ while we continue to flourish in life, health and happiness!

Why is flea & tick protection so important?

Milder winters and increasing mice and deer populations mean this year’s flea and tick season is expected to be even more widespread than ever before. With the increased flea and tick population comes the threat of more flea and incurable tick-borne diseases, including the most common, Lyme disease and the most recent, Powassan disease. Lyme Disease has more than doubled in the last year and this trend is continuing to grow. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Powassan virus, neuroinvasive disease cases have more than tripled between 2015 and 2016.

Here at LymeDefenses we have developed Family & canine-friendly flea & tick repellent sprays that still allow us and our canine companions to enjoy the great outdoors without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals. Our products provide non-toxic, pH balanced, non-aerosol, no-rinse moisturizing flea & tick repellent spray options. These products, unlike some other ‘harsher’ chemical repellent sprays, minimize irritation and dryness of the user’s skin while maximizing their insect repelling effectiveness and are completely safe for both people and canine companions. All products are 100% DEET-free, 100% Permethrin-free & 100% Picaridin-free.

Why two separate products?

It is a well-known fact that some people and pets may be sensitive to essential oils so LymeDefenses offers both a ‘Family-friendly’ and ‘Canine’ version of their products to ensure the user has a choice on selecting an essential oil blend that continues to repel unwanted insects but does not create possible sensitivities for either people or canine companions. Each product has its own unique essential oil blend creating its own unique fragrance and both products are  100% DEET-free, 100% Permethrin-free & 100% Picaridin-free.

1. LymeDefenses Canine Flea & Tick Repellent Spray: fresh, clean citrus blend; safe for both people (over 3 years of age) and canine companions (dogs) 10 weeks or older. Do not use on cats as they may be more sensitive to the ingredients used in this product.

2. LymeDefenses ‘Family-friendly’ Tick Repellent Spray: fresh, spicy cinnamon blend; safe for people (over 3 years of age). Not recommended for pets.