'Canine & Family-friendly' Outdoor Body Treatment Products

About Us

Canadian Para-Archer Kyle Tremblay

Welcome to LymeDefenses, Inc. where we "Play More ... Worry Less!"

Simple outdoor recreational activities and lifestyle choices we enjoy every day with our canine companions such as jogging, camping and hiking through wooded and grassy areas increase our odds of coming into contact with many different insects that may carry incurable vector-borne diseases that now includes Lyme Disease in Canada.  

This increase in 'bug-encounters' is causing concern for the general population for their outdoor safety but also for their health over the increased use of pesticides made with harmful chemicals such as DEET, Permethrin and Picaridin and for the environment (bees, aquatic life, etc.) along with the ‘toxic’ pharmaceutical options made available for their dogs.

LymeDefenses, Inc. is a ‘family-inspired’ / family-run business that had its humble beginnings in 2017.  The main drive for product development was to protect both our son, a member of the Canadian National Para-Archery Team, and his Service Dog against the threat of vector-borne diseases without the use of harmful chemicals as they spend countless hours practicing outside at the archery range. I wanted to provide them a variety of multi-purpose body care products suitable for outdoor activities that were safe for multiple daily use but also provided some level of defense against our common enemy ... bugs! 

Here at LymeDefenses, Inc., we are dedicated to raising awareness regarding vector-borne diseases and specifically how to reduce ‘tick encounters’ all year long.  Utilizing my formal education in Environmental Biology and Chemistry as well as over 30 years’ experience in the Nuclear Research sector, I have been able to formulate safe, effective, high quality, Outdoor Body Treatment products that have been qualitatively tested to ensure they work (... specifically ensuring that ‘we bug BUGS’!) and even posted some of our testing videos on our website to share with you. 

Our ‘plant-based’ active ingredients not only provide a moisturizing base having a vibrant, clean, citrus aroma but have also been chosen because they are historically known to invoke an ‘environmental irritant response’ in insects. It is the ‘irritant’ which gives rise to the repelling properties of the products not only for fleas & ticks but, as provided by feedback directly from our customers, for mosquitoes, black-flies and stable flies as well - keeping you smelling great but also ‘bugging the BUGS’ that might be around you during the outdoor season! 

All our products are purposely manufactured in a format that is safe for BOTH people and their canine companion use. We pride ourselves in providing one product line for the whole family thus reducing the need for multi-product buying and landfill waste. You can use all our products more often with confidence that you are not harming yourself, your canine companions or the environment!

All LymeDefenses, Inc. products have been formulated, designed and manufactured following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Cosmetics to provide quality-controlled, skin-friendly, multi-use ‘Canine & Family-friendly’ Outdoor Body Treatment options that include:

a) Outdoor Body Spray scented mist; 

b) ‘Bug Bomb’ & ‘Bug-Shake’ bath/shower treatment scented body rinses; and 

c) ‘All Seasons’ Protective Paw Wax (great for human feet as well).

All our products are registered with, and meet Health Canada Directives for leave-on body/skin treatments and have calculated safe oral intake rates based on body weight for actively grooming dogs as well, i.e. a 10 -pound dog could effectively ‘lick-off’ 10 mL of our repellent spray and still be within the acceptable daily oral intake guidelines.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We provide products that not only satisfy our customers’ body treatment needs but that also meet the highest quality of standards for ingredients used, eco-friendliness and recycling properties to “Play More ... Worry Less!” while you enjoy all outdoor recreational activities.

Disclaimer: Due to the risks associated with incurable diseases transmitted by some ticks, mosquitoes and fleas, we recommend that you follow the precautionary tips noted by the Center for Disease Control or Health Canada guidelines to help keep you and your canine companion tick-, mosquito- and flea-free. LymeDefenses, Inc. ‘Canine & Family-friendly’ Outdoor Body Treatment Products do not claim or guarantee to control or mitigate specific species of insects that may transmit vector-borne diseases to humans or canine companions. Always seek professional medical services if you think you or your canine companion show symptoms associated with any vector-borne illnesses.  

LymeDefenses, Inc. confirms that all products meet EPA Minimal Risk Pesticide requirements and qualify for exemption from registration under the FIFRA section 25(b), United States EPA. 

Why is flea & tick protection so important?

Milder winters and increasing mice and deer populations mean this year’s flea and tick season is expected to be even more widespread than ever before.  With the increased flea and tick population comes the threat of more flea and incurable tick-borne diseases, including the most common, Lyme disease.  In 2009, the Public Health Agency of Canada recorded 144 cases of Lyme disease in the country.  By 2018, there were 2025 cases countrywide.  Lyme disease is caused by a type of bacteria transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected tick, such as the blacklegged tick and western blacklegged tick and mimics symptoms similar to:


•Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS);

•Multiple Sclerosis (MS);

•Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS); or

•Alzheimer’s disease.